Buttons quickly became a fixture of feminist activism.  Inexpensive to produce, and easy to distribute and wear, buttons served as visual affirmations of support for countless issues and actions.  They were also an effective, and often cheeky, vehicle for pithy and clever comments on women’s inequality and organizing for change.

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Title Date Organization
A Woman’s Life is a Human Life --
A Woman’s Place is in Her Union -- Canadian Union of Public Employees
A Woman’s Place is in the Front --
Abortion is a Woman’s Choice --
Action Day Care – More Daycare, Better Daycare -- Action Daycare
Anna Mae Aquash: Warrior-Mother – Casualty of the War Against Indigenous Peoples --
Another Man Against Violence Against Women --
Another Woman for Economic Justice --
Ask not what a lesbian can do for you, but what you can do for a lesbian --
Be a Siren Scream 1986 Company of Sirens
Being Lesbian or Gay is Not a Crime – Bashing Is --
Bi-national Lesbian Conference/Conference lesbienne bi-nationale – Toronto May 19-21 Mai 1979 1979 Lesbian Organization of Toronto, International Women's Day Committee
Boycott Eaton’s 1984 Retail and Wholesale Department Store Union (RWDSU)
Breast Cancer – We Are Dying for a Cure! --
C.A.R.A.L. – Freedom of Choice on Abortion -- Canadian Abortion Rights Action League
Celebrate March 8th International Women’s Day – Public Service Alliance of Canada -- Public Service Alliance of Canada
Choice --
Choice: Legalize Free-Standing Abortion Clinics -- Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics
Co-conspirators for Choice -- Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics
Collective Action Collective Strength – International Women’s Day (CEIU) -- Canadian Employment and Immigration Union (CEIU)
DAWN DisAbled Women’s Network -- DisAbled Women's Network (DAWN)
Desire from Women’s Perspective 1983
Don’t Lose the Right to Choose 1989
Dykes in the Streets 1981 Lesbians Against the Right
Emily Stowe Shelter for Women --
End the Occupation Now! WAO -- Women Against the Occupation
Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value --
Equal Pay Now! --
Every mother is a working mother --
Family Benefits Work Group: Agitate, Educate, Organize --
Feminism to the max! --
Feminist Against Anti-Semitism --
Feminist Party of Canada 1979 Feminist Party of Canada
Fight the Right Festival – May 1, 1982 1982 Fight the Right Festival
Fighting Racism – From Soweto to Toronto --
Free Day Care not Free Trade --
Free Palestine – Time for Peace; Time for Women – Occupation Must End! --
Free South African Political Prisoners – South African Women’s Day Committee 1986 South African Women's Day Committee
Help Crack Bell -- Communications Workers of Canada
Help women build lives free from violence – The December 6th Fund -- Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)
How Dare You Presume I’d Rather Be Thin --
I am a Woman for Peace – Congress of Canadian Women -- Congress of Canadian Women
I Slept at Secretary of State for $1.6 M – Where’s the Money? --
I will survive --
In commemoration of the 14 women killed in Montreal, December 6, 1989/ En commémoration des femmes assassinées à Montreal le 6 decembre 1989 --
In Solidarity Canadian Workers Salvadorean Workers --
international lesbian conspiracy --
International Women’s Day 1984 (Toronto) – Rise Up! 1984 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day 1986 (Toronto) – From Toronto to South Africa: Women Say No! to Racism 1986 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day 1987 (Toronto) – Fighting Racism and Sexism Together 1987 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day 1988 (Toronto) – Women Unite to Fight Racism, Sexism, Economic Inequality 1988 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day 1989 (Toronto) – Women Against Poverty 1989 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day 1990 (Toronto) – Fight the Attacks – No Turning Back! 1990 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day 1992 (Toronto) – Healing, Reclaiming 1992 March 8th Coalition
Justice for Michael Wade Lawson 1988 Justice for Michael Wade Lawson Committee
Justice for Pauline Au – Stop Sexual Harassment --
Keep it public
L/L (Lesbian/Lesbienne) 1980 Lesbian/Lesbienne
Lesbian & Gay Pride Day – 28 June 1981 – Toronto 1981 Lesbian and Gay Pride Committee
Lesbian Celebration – May ’83 BC 1983
Lesbian Power Toronto 1985 – Coming Together 1985 Lesbian and Gay Pride Committee
Lesbians and Gays Against Apartheid 1985 Simon Nkoli Anti-Apartheid Committee
Lesbians of Colour 1984 Lesbians of Colour
Lesbians Unite in Armed Snuggle --
love makes a family --
Make That Move – Fight Racism: Dykes Against Racism Everywhere 1980 Dykes Against Racism Everywhere
Men of Quality respect Women’s Equality --
Micro-Chips May Cause Job Decay --
Mini-Skools Pays Mini-Wages 1982 Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)
Motherhood by Choice Not Chance --
MQ (Mama Quilla) II -- Mama Quilla II
Ms. for M.P. --
Native Canadians: A Distinct Society – The Original Founding Nations of this Land --
Never Again – Fight Back (Gays & Lesbians Against the Right Everywhere) 1981 Gays and Lesbians Against the Right Everywhere
Never Again! Plus Jamais! --
No Dieting --
No Justice No Peace 1996 Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE)
No means no! -- Toronto Rape Crisis Centre
No More Nickels, No More Dimes – Wives Supporting 1005 Strikers -- United Steelworkers
No New Abortion Law – Choice, Choice, Choice 1988
NotSo Amazon – 1985 Softball League 1985 NOTSO Amazon Softball League
Oka is all of us 1990
Oka to the Gulf – Make the Links (IWD ’91) 1991
OKAnada 1990
Ontario can work!
Pink Venus and Fist --
Repeal Abortion Laws --
Rosemary Brown – NDP leader 1975 New Democratic Party (NDP)
Service Office Retail Workers Union Canada (SORWUC) – A Union for Working Women -- Service Office Retail Workers Union Canada (SORWUC)
Sisters in Struggle: Building a Global Movement – February 26, 1988 1988 Black Women's Collective
Solidarité Pride Fierté – Canadian Labour Congress/ Congrès du Travail du Canada -- Canadian Labour Congress/Congrès du Travail du Canada (CLC-CTC)
South Africa Women’s Day: Aug. 9, 1956-1986 30th Anniversary 1986 South African Women's Day Committee,
Speak Out for Choice on Abortion --
Still Sane 1984 Women in Focus Gallery
Stop Rape – Women Against Rape: B.C. Federation of Women -- British Columbia Federation of Women
Stop Sexual Harassment (NUPGE) -- National Union of Government and General Employees (NUPGE)
Stop Violence Against Women --
Strong Women Strong Union – C.E.I.U. Women’s Committee -- Canada Employment and Immigration Union (CEIU)
Support the Last Stand of the Lubicon! --
Support Your Local Midwife --